Perfect Tool -- Hook and Eye Turnbuckle

Bought a pack of five Hook and Eye Turnbuckles some time ago from a oversea seller in Amazon—SZDSHL, and was so impressed with the quality and value that I immediately ordered another two packs.

They will be ideal for many applications, such as tensioning gardening wire, and being stainless steel should be rust resistant.

They are very neat and well finished.

Fully screwed in they are about 4inches (100 mm) long and have 45 mm to 50 mm extension.

Being only M4 they will not be as strong as M6 ones, but will be quite strong enough for many applications and much more compact and neater than M6 units.

They don't have as much extension as typical M6 units, so if you need more than 50 mm extension these would not be suitable.

They come on a slow boat from China, which will take 8-18 days, or so, and you need to order them well in advance of when you need them. Of course, there also has two days delivered, with price a little higher than the 8-18 days arrived. If you need Wire Rope Turnbuckle for emergency use, you can choose this seller

SZDSHL Supply most item 8-18days arrive ! and Fulfilled by Amazon.

The M4 Stainless Steel 304 Hook and Eye were excellent and did exactly what it said on the tin!

Good quality product - works well with 1.6 mm galvanized wire.

Strongly recommend the M4 Stainless Steel 304 in SZDSHL, less money with higher quality.

Here is some specifications for your reference:

Process: silica sol precision casting
With working Magnetic
Suitable For tighten taut rope, and regulate the elastic effect
Free travel distace: 43mm
Weight: 165g

Package Included:
5 x Hook & Eye Turnbuckle

Great Blades for Roland

Well, at first seeing the price I was dubious having been victim to a scammer previously when it seemed too good to be true, but all I can say is WOW!! I have now ordered a set of blades for Roland for a friend and 2 extra sets of blades for Roland for me from a cheap online shop BQLZR , a very well known seller in Amazon according to the rating.

They arrived very quickly considering postage is free, and all the way from China, within 10 days, so very impressed, and the blades are exactly as described, and have given me the perfect cut on my Klic n Kut Zing (Yes I am UK based) using the Eclipse blade holder. The blade offset for the set is 0.25, for ALL the blades, not just the 0.45 ones, so that makes them even easier to use, no fiddling with offsets for me.

I love it so much, when in all honesty I was expecting to have to report this as another scam. If you have a cutter that uses the Roland blades then I would recommend these! They are great value for money, and for 15 blades this is a steal! If you want to know about this, here is some specification for your reference:

High hardness (HRA92), high strength (4000N / mm or more), good wear resistance, high durability, make tip grinding sharp.
Made from Tungsten cemented carbide
Diameter: 2mm
Length: 23mm±1
Offset: 0.25mm
Weight: 22g
5 pcs 30° +5 pcs 45° + 5 pcs 60° Blades


A Good Tool Makes Your Kids Happy - Cake Chocolate Decor Mold

 Cake Decoration Mold


These are perfect for decorating cake, fondant, paste and so on.
A great tool for you to make them easier.
Flexible for easy removal,innovative design,soft,ever-changing style.
Can be used time and time again for excellent results.
The pastry made by these molds could be as gifts to your family or friend.
Suitable for Sugar craft, Fondant, Soap, Chocolate, Baking, cupcakes, resin and all your crafty molding needs.

Universal Silicone Lollipop Pop Mold Mould Baking Tray Stick Party Pink Cake


1. Wash in warm water before use;
2. Avoid use of abrasive cleaners;
3. Don’t place silicone near a naked flame or under a grill;
4. Always use oven gloves when removing silicone from oven;
5. Never use sharp utensils in mold.

User Manual:

1. Crumb the cake,and put them into the mold and bake
2. After baking, you will get a new shape,then ready your chocolate which your already melt in liquid.
3. Use the lollipop stick to take the cake ball out and use your chocolate to make some pretty decoration.

Summary of functions:

①Silicone mold silicone rubber mold have a good operating performance.
② Silica gel better flow-ability, low viscosity, easy to operate.
③ Silas-tic shrinkage as small as possible.
④ Rally silicone rubber better.
⑤ The silicone mold can not be deformed.
⑥ Silicone rubber hardness should be suitable for product usage.
⑦High temperature resistance, turn mode more often, the span life become longer, acid , and aging resistance.

@BQLZR - cheap online shopping


It Is Fish's Special Friend

Many people like fish-farming. The joy of fish farming is not only enjoying the sight of colorful tropical fish, but also enjoying the various planting grass in the fish tank. But sometimes planting grass is harder than fish-farming. We will encounter many problems. Such as the grass stunted growth, leaf become withered , even the root become rot. Actually, there is a artificial green plant grass for fish tank, it can solve the problem for you. You don’t need to take time to care for it, You just need to put it in a fish tank.

It can provide a beautiful decoration for your aquarium.
It is also an excellent hiding place for fish which adds extra fun to play. It is designed with a weighted base, so it can stand firmly in the fish tank. It is absolutely safe for fish. The fish won’t be hurt, The artificial green plant grass will not rot or cause any algae problems.


Look at the picture. Don’t you think it is amazing?

You can buy it from BQLZR – Cheap Online Shop now.


Sphere Ice Mould For Your Long Hot Summer

Recently, many of my friends are keen to DIY some cold drinks at home. Today, I recommend to you a Silicone Ice Ball Maker Mold , you can use to make ice ball, chocolates, cakes, can also be used to make a variety of delicious pudding, multifunction, fun and tasty, everyone to give it a try. The following is the basic information of the Sphere Mould from a good cheap online shop BQLZR:


Each mold makes an ice ball approximately 2 inches (4.5 cm) in diameter
Easy to fill and easy to release.
Ice Spheres melt slower than regular ice resulting in keeping your drink colder and less water diluting your drink.

Get Creative - Ice balls can be flavored, colored, or even filled with fresh fruit or mint leaves!
Completely washable and reusable.
Material :Silicone
Ice Balls Diameter:4.5cm
Heat Resistance: -30 degrees - 230 degrees
Dimension:12.6 x 12.6 x 4.9cm/4.96 x 4.96 x 1.93"(L x W x H)


A Small Tool To Stop Your Glasses Slipping Down

For a lot of friends who need to wear glasses, outdoor activities you may need to use small tools to stop glasses down, I recommend to you a Silicone Glasses Ear Hooks , it might be more economical, and travel preferences. The use of super-elastic crack silicone production, soft feel and comfortable to wear, and effectively prevent the glasses from slipping, you can adjust the position to suit your needs, small inconspicuous. Suitable for recreational sports, all kinds of ball games, dancing, riding, driving, running, outdoors, tourist, crossing, hiking, fishing ... Solution for your troubles, no longer have to "push" glasses. Here is some information about the Anti Slip Ear Hooks: 

The use of new super soft silicone material, durability, no breakage, good corrosion resistance, shock-proof design and non-slip contact surface of the skin, can absorb just in the mirror leg.

Super soft and light, comfortable and safe.
Secure your glasses and sunglasses during use.
Great product for cyclists, beach goers, water parks or any activity where glasses slipping is a problem.

Wear them all the time, or just when you know you might need a little extra stability.
Fits behind your ear and are only visible from the back.
Material :Silicone
Color :Blue
Suitable For :Temple width recommend more than 4mm
Caliber:3 x 5mm

I have bought it from a good cheap online shop BQLZR , you can have a try now. I believe it won’t let you down.


Yoga Mat Bag

Everyone who doing Yoga sports knows that yoga mat is a necessity. Hence, having a good yoga mat bag is also very important. A month ago, I bought a yoga mat bag from a oversea cheap online shop.

This is an amazing bag. First, it seems sturdy enough and comes in handy being waterproof, if it rains. Second, the design is eye-catching. It's as described and will protect my yoga mat well. Third, this yoga sports backpack is very well-made of good quality waterproof nylon and fits my standard yoga mat quite snugly. Forth, it is strong and my mat fits in without a struggle. Plenty of room in the pocket for mobile, car keys etc.

Nylon material is waterproof and harmless.
Adjustable backpack style shoulder belts make the carriage convenient.
Both round sides are specially designed for yoga mat.
An outer pocket is made to store necessities.
Material: Nylon, Polyester
Color: Black Brown
Oxford fabric Gym bag for Yoga mat at 6mm-8mm thickness
Size:68x15cm/26.77x5.90Inch (Length x Diameter)

The other girls also like it so much. In a word, it has great design and very durable, fits perfectly, and straps can be easily adjusted. Highly recommend!

If you like this yoga mat bag, please click here.